Indoor Air Quality Articles

Video – Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Family’s Health

November 28, 2023
Video image showing how indoor air quality affects your family's health.

Air quality in your home is important to your family’s health. Having the right humidity levels, changing your filters regularly and installing air-cleaning or filtration systems like UV lights and air scrubbers can help keep clean air circulating through your ductwork all year long.

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Air Duct Cleaning

November 15, 2023
Air Duct Cleaning. Detail image of a vacuum hose in an air duct for cleaning. Focus is on the hose.

Your air ducts circulate a supply of fresh and properly treated air. But since ductwork mostly hides behind walls, ceilings, and floors, many Mississippi homeowners don’t take the time to monitor its condition.

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What Are Air Scrubbers?

June 14, 2023
What Are Air Scrubbers? - Family sitting in their family room.

These days, you cannot help but think more about killing germs, staying healthy, and paying a little extra attention to personal hygiene.

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Video – Does My Indoor Air Quality Affect My Pet?

April 21, 2023
Does My Indoor air quality affect my pet?

Protect your pets from indoor air pollution by changing your air filters regularly.

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What to Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

April 11, 2023
What to Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Photo of a carbon monoxide detector in home.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is known as the silent killer for a reason—it can easily go undetected and cause illness and even death. It’s critical to learn how to prevent carbon monoxide leaks in your Lapeer home—as well as what the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are in case you are exposed.

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Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Your Home

December 13, 2022
A humidifier steams orchids. Benefits of Using a Humidifier in Your Home.

If you don’t have a humidifier in your Lapeer home, then you may not be aware of just how useful these devices can truly be.

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Air Filters vs. Air Cleaners

May 10, 2022
Couple relaxing on their couch

Our highly climate-controlled indoor environments can often be extremely comfortable in our modern world. Combine that with the fact so many of our daily needs are easily met without needing to go outside, and you find a society that spends nearly all its time indoors. As a result, poor indoor air quality has become a significant area of concern as a contributor to potential health problems.

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The Basics of Winter Indoor Air Quality

February 4, 2022
The Basics of Winter Indoor Air Quality

In the winter, being snug as a bug in a rug in your home can be cozy, but it can also play havoc with your indoor air quality (IAQ) here in MI, creating some significant health problems. At Kapala Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend taking precautions to avoid the common issues associated with winter indoor air quality.

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Why You Need Whole-House Humidity Control

August 9, 2021
Why You Need Whole-House Humidity Control

Our professionals at Kapala Heating & Air Conditioning want to share with you some tips on controlling humidity and, furthermore, humidity control consequences in your Lapeer home.

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Important?

June 7, 2021
Why Is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Important?

Energy-efficient homes are more common than ever. Although they provide many benefits, including reducing overall energy usage and a smaller carbon footprint, they come with some disadvantages as well.

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How to Eliminate Dust in My Home

March 16, 2021
Close-up of dust on woman finger

Everyone has it, and nobody wants it. Dust.

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Why Do I Need a Humidifier in the Fall?

November 23, 2020
A cup of tea in front of a window with autumn view

In many places, evidence of fall’s presence is obvious by way of beautiful fall colors. But many only experience fall with its subtlety through lower humidity levels. No matter which way you experience it, one thing is evident in them all––fall brings drier air. The cooler air simply can’t hold as much moisture as warm air, resulting in the dry air. While it can make for crisp mornings for walking, the lack of moisture in the air can also take its toll on you, your home, and your overall comfort.

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Introducing the REME HALO® Air Purification System

October 20, 2020
Reme Halo whole home air purification system

Designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors and air pollutants, the REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purifier is the best solution for whole house and building air purification.

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How Can You Manage Your Home’s Humidity?

October 14, 2020
Morning sunlight through window condensation.

Indoor humidity is a drag. It makes relaxing extremely difficult—after all, you are sweating inside your home! It can affect your health, triggering asthma attacks and flaring allergies. It tends to put everyone in a sluggish mood—even the goldfish. Let’s zap that excess moisture right out of the room, and look at ways to manage your Michigan home’s relative indoor humidity.

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Video – Keep Clean Air During Your Time at Home

June 30, 2020
Video showing why it's important to keep clean air during the time you spend at home.

Due to COVID-19, people are spending a lot of time indoors. Even in the best of times, most people spend the majority of their time indoors. That’s why it’s important to keep the air in your home as clean as possible.

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The Problem With Clogged Air Filters

April 15, 2020
dirty air filters inside a home|Clogged Air Filter

Busy careers, bustling families, engrossing hobbies, and overwhelming responsibilities keep most people busy day in and day out. It’s understandable why worrying about the air filter in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is probably way down at the bottom of the priority list. However, our team at Kapala Heating & Air Conditioning wants to…

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How Can Your HVAC Equipment Help Protect Against Coronavirus?

March 16, 2020
Woman hands using wash hand sanitizer gel dispenser

The spread of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) has all of us greatly concerned in Michigan. At Kapala Heating & Air Conditioning, our top priority is the health and safety of you and your loved ones. We take great pride in selling indoor air quality products to greater Lapeer area homes and businesses that are energy-efficient, environmentally…

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What Accessories Can Help With My Indoor Air Quality?

March 15, 2020
Woman with sore throat wondering what accessories will help the indoor air quality in her home.

In modern society, average adults spend nearly all their time indoors at work or at home. In fact the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports this amount of time reaches upwards of 90 percent for most people. That puts the importance of good indoor air quality at a whole new level. Our Kapala Heating & Air…

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Video – What Is Carbon Monoxide?

November 20, 2019

  Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, odorless, tasteless gas. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon, or the incomplete burning of natural gas and other things that contain carbon. It can often be mixed with other gasses with odors. Carbon monoxide can result from the burning of any of these, gasoline, kerosene, oil,…

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Fall Indoor Air Quality

September 12, 2019
homeowner enjoying a cup of tea inside by window enjoying their fall indoor air quality|Shot inside an old train in autumn maples in Kyoto

With fall now upon us in Lapeer, MI cooler temperatures are here to stay. This transition from one season to another most definitely affects your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). And your IAQ directly affects your comfort in your home. In cooler weather, people tend to spend more time indoors at home, so it’s important to be sure your IAQ is protected, keeping both you and your home protected.

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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

March 22, 2019
Humidifier in Window of Home

When you think of air pollution, what pops into your mind? A giant smoke stack? Cars spewing exhaust? A trash incinerator? Chances are you may not have considered your own home is full of air pollution.

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